We are passion with numbers and eager to fly with your business


  • Provide accurate, understandable, and timely financial information to assist business to make right decisions in order to achieve their own goals
  • Provide simple processes that are easy to understand and implement to protect the business and its stakeholders
  • Collaborate with our clients using simple and easy understandable language, integrity is the key factor of success


Sylvia is a CPA qualified accountant, financial planner, and trainer who is a results driven finance professional with an impressive record in both the NFP and Corporate sectors

Sylvia has a flair for identifying and implementing simple solutions to complex problems with a hands-on, led by example style which fosters a culture of teamwork, shared mission and a dedication to excellence

Her experiences and expertise is in business operation which is broader than just accounting and financial aspects. Change management is one of her strongest expertises

Sylvia has extensive Corporate experiences since 1994 prior to committed herself in NFP sector in 2003; she transfers her Corporate experience and knowledge to build and grow your business in a systemised and efficient method